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THREE YEARS – THIRTY-SIX MONTHS - ONE THOUSAND AND NINETY-FIVE DAYS - twenty six thousand and two hundred and eighty hours - 37,843,200 minutes and 2,270,592,000 seconds. That was the exact time right down to the exact second he just had spent over the last three years in the federal correctional facilities – prison. Now what? Wearing what he had on three years ago plus nine minutes, twenty-two seconds and counting Miles Jacob looked up to the silky blue sky and wondered what he was to do next. This was the exit from federal prison. Still looking fashionable: Jet-black Armani suit, black Cole Haan shoes, a steel TAG Heuer on his wrist and a black Prada backpack slung over his right shoulder with a little more than forty-four thousand in cash - Miles Jacob preceded up 4th Street – in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas. Austin was full of blissful memories for Miles but nothing that seemed even remotely close to what his life was now. Miles instantly saw moments of Austin flashing back somewhere in his mind. Somewhere in his mind he was back in Austin. Miles started daydreaming of the time Sydney and he had first visited Austin.