players respect him and even hate him a little. The DBs especially were looking bad and wanted just one shot at taming this rookie. But it would not come anytime soon. They would get to place a few hard shocking blows on him but Miles was big and weighing almost thirty pound more than the average back he was able to sustain their hit and bounce back up even when he was stretched out. Nothing rattled him. Guys have been targeting his head since his sophomore year in college so what made these guys any different. Yes there were several that were a lot bigger but for those Miles looked to be the one who gave out the contract first – kind of shocked a few at how aggressive he was. Many of the linebackers grew to respect this - they loved his attitude. All in all the general feeling was that, “… no rookie was supposed to be doing shit like this,” stammered heatedly one defensive back. This back was Darius Butler, he had been in the league since 2009 drafted by the Patriots in the second round; the overall 41st player taken. Darius always played with a chip on his shoulders, for what who knew. Now the starting corner backed he look to punish receivers. He was good and at times he could be a little wild and reckless and for that the defensive coaches always had to keep an eye on him. On the next play Darius had plans to level Miles – Miles caught the ball, all he saw was number twenty-eight closing in – hard. He knew what was about to happen – full steam ahead, instead of letting him level him Miles planned his counter attack and decided instantly to give number twenty-eight a prescription of his own medicine maybe even a double dose. Miles had close to forty-seven pounds and five inches on him and Miles planned to use all this to his advantage. Lowering his shoulders he ran even harder right into Darius and dropped him like a bad habit or to all others who was witnessing this like a fucking rag-doll. If you ever saw Brandon Jacobs run over Laron Landry you know what Miles had just done to Darius. This had been a YouTube classic. On opening day in 2009, the New York Giants were playing the Washington Redskins and on second and two, Eli Manning handed the ball off to Brandon Jacobs a 6’4 264-pound beast. Jacobs took the ball and hit a one cut back up the middle the heart of the Redskins’ defense and exploded for seventeen yards but towards the run he capped it off with a mind-blowing blow on Laron Landry, just completely running him over. To hear John Madden and Al Michaels talk about this run is priceless – they gave it even more hype but the hit was all that and then some. And if you didn’t think so just ask Laron – he had been dazed for hours after that. Being hit by a freight train was no joke and Brandon Jacobs was a freight train and then some. It was just something about people with a variation of the name Jacob. They were bigger than most and stronger; and when it came to sports they were killers in a sense. But Miles just Brandon Jacobs Darius and everyone in the building knew it. The awws all came out and Darius was seeking medical attention on the field just as Landry had needed. Take notice people Miles Jacob was something to be reckon with and was not going to be taken lightly. But to finish Miles ran over Darius then turn the ball up field until he stood in the end zone. Miles had thrown down the gauntlet and was taking all challenges and challengers. Take it for whatever you wanted but for Miles it was business and he was here to be the best he could be and if that meant pancaking a few people along the way then so be it. Bring your lunch, dinner and game because Miles had and was. Miles knew he was big, strong, fast and good but most of all he would not be intimidated by anyone on the team or any other team for that matter. This message spoke volumes to his new teammates. He had officially gain every players and coaches’ respect on that very play, including that of one Darius Butler as he recovered on the sidelines.