Pharrell is celebrated around the world for his work as a musician. He has made history for being one of the most successful and prolific entertainers to emerge during the last decade. As part of the beat-making duo The Neptunes, with Chad Hugo, and the alternative rock trio N.E.R.D., with Chad and childhood friend Shae Thornton, Pharrell has helped A-List pop stars sell millions of albums and even earn Grammy Awards for the likes of Justin Timberlake, Nelly, and Usher.

Williamís unique style and creative aesthetic has been integral to several successful ventures outside the world of music. He is also a partner in Bionic Yarn, a textile firm based in New York dedicated to developing environmentally sustainable fabrics using recycled plastic bottles. Recently he has expanded into scoring films. His newest work can be heard in Illumination Entertainmentís animated film Despicable Me.