Miles stood next to Sydney in the living room of the apartment. The room lit merely with candles as the shadows bounce off the walls and their faces. Miles was captivated by her beauty. The two had now been a couple for a little over four months, yet it always felt like a lifetime. How being with someone can make you lose a sense of time?


Miles should have been studying for finals in two weeks but instead he stood in the living room facing Sydney. Enthralled by the passion he had for her he raised his hands and slid them underneath the silk long sleeve polo shirt she wore; which just happen to be his. She was very fond of wearing Miles’ clothing, from dress shirts to his practice shorts. Nothing fit her yet everything did in an incredibly sexy baggy way. Miles would always fantasize what she looked like underneath, even when he actually knew. There were not too many times when Sydney visited that she didn’t raid his clothing. Miles continued to come up short on clothing when Sydney returned to Winter Park. It never bothered him in the least.


Sydney had nothing on but his shirt, gliding his hands upward from her waist - passing her stomach he could hardly feel the difference of Sydney’s soft skin and that of the silk shirt. He continued working his hand upward until they found his mark – her breasts. Miles felt the fullness yet softness of Sydney’s breasts. This always brought and inconceivable amount of arousability to his own body and why wouldn’t it? Sydney was full of anticipation. It always seemed like it was their first time exploring each other’s body.


Miles heard a slight gasp from Sydney’s air passage as his fingers softly played over her harden nipples. The heat their bodies started to make increased with each heartbeat they produced. Miles slid his hands back down toward Sydney’s stomach and left from underneath the shirt. He now raised them and placed them into the lustrous smooth jet-black hair of Sydney. Playing in her hair had been an extreme turn-on Miles had found out months ago. She grabbed at him wildly and pulled him even closer than they were. Spiking up she kissed him. She could feel him up against her body – all of him. She wanted him inside her body. She had always enjoyed the feeling he evoked from her body. Especially the feelings of his penis touching so close to her glorious prize jewel. She began tugging at Miles’ t-shirt - wanting to pull it over his head. With it finally off she opened her mouth kissed his chest. She loved licking and sucking his nipples. Sydney lined her fingers up against his ribs and dug in slightly to his torso. She could feel his body trembling. She loved Miles’ body, every inch of it - nothing but pure flawlessness - something the Greeks gods could only have sculptured. She ran her hands over Miles’ hardened muscles. She would do this all the time when she flirted with him daily. Now with the atmosphere sexually charged it gave her just as much pleasure as it was currently giving Miles.


Sydney grabbed at Miles’ manly glory - only being restrained by the baggy shorts he wore. Miles started to unbutton the shirt Sydney wore and admired the richness and flawless curves of her body. Her breast called to him, he lowered his head and with his tongue and lips began sucking the nipple of her breast. Her shirt fell off her shoulders and landed at the floor touching the back of her heels. Something about this sent waves over Sydney’s body. She was completely nude standing before Miles, she did not know how much longer she could stand, her body was weakening – not for lack of strength, it was something she could not explain. Something sexual – was there even a word for this feeling. Miles next slid his fingers into Sydney’s mouth, the wetness she produced on his fingers aroused him in ways that heightened all his desires for Sydney at once. He held out to the temptations just a little longer. Miles raced his hands down the back of her body, lingering around the back of her inner thighs he found what he was looking for. Sydney was beyond moist – she was wet. Miles could feel the cream that had released – it now was smeared long her upper inner thighs.


Moaning with pleasure, Sydney could not wait for Miles to enter her – for them to be making love. She sank her fingers into his shorts – typical Miles he was not wearing any underwear. Miles seldom wore underwear under his shorts in the house. She was pleased that he wasn’t wearing any now. It was less to contend with, for she wanted him now! She found his manhood which was throbbing and she began stroking and massaging it. She thought, maybe it’s time to give it a name. Miles grew larger and harder as she teased. Suddenly Miles lifted Sydney off the floor and carried her into his bedroom.


Placing her softly on the bed he released her. She laid on her back waiting on Miles in complete darkness to ease his body on top of hers. Miles obliged Sydney’s thought and placed his strong body on top of hers. He started kissing her again, her lips, neck, ears, cheeks, breast, navel, thighs. There was not a spot Miles had missed. Then leaving her thighs he slid his tongue deeply pass the juices that was being produced from her body and focused on her clitoris. Sydney’s mind and body abruptly erupted – there was an explosion coming from within her body. She dug her nails deeply into Miles back, his muscles felt like hard chiseled stone yet his skin was so smooth and baby soft. It reminded her of the smoothness of creamy peanut butter.


Unable to withstand the attack Miles’ tongue had place on her body Sydney pulled at Miles’ head. She had to grab Miles by the hair to get him to stop. She didn’t know if her body could withstand another orgasm at that very moment.


They both started to laugh softly. Miles knew what Sydney was thinking… he had once asked her and she dutifully told him. Sydney playfully slapped Miles’ head, “You punk. Boy you need to stop that shit. You are going to kill me. It’s bad enough you know all my weak spots yet you always insist on giving me multiple orgasms and you still haven’t gotten inside of me.” Sydney rested a bit, “You are going to tire me out.” Miles looked up smiling at Sydney, “But you like it.” With that Sydney winked at Miles and playfully slapped his head again. “Ok Big Head, you just wait your turns coming up. I hate you Miles D. Jacob,” she said sarcastically. She always used his full name when she was extremely pleased or mad with him.


Miles didn’t actually have a middle name just an initial, which was odd. But his parents could not decide on a middle name but loved the sound of Miles D. Jacob and for that reason they left it with just D. Growing up they actually called him D for a period until Miles insisted he wanted to be known only as Miles. Miles could be a little stubborn at times as a child.


“I hate you too Sydney.” “I hate you even more D.” They were so in love. “Miles you are going to make me kill you one day.” Miles smiled and pulled hisself up next to Sydney’s face and lovingly kissed her. He loved Sydney with all his heart and then some if it was ever possible. There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her. If it was up to him she would never want for anything.


Sydney pushed Miles off her and jumped on top of him. She loved playing rough with him. It was the tomboy in her. “My turn slick!” She mounted Miles and began seducing him with such pleasurable kisses on his neck, behind his ears and his soft lips. She sucked on his lips. She enjoyed this act as much as he did. She thought, maybe I’ll leave a mark on him, on his chest or stomach, somewhere no one would see. She continued kissing Miles teasingly and with such intentiveness. Miles was at the height of a full erection. Miles grabbed the sheets as Sydney tortured his body with pleasure. Miles could be extremely ticklish. The simple pleasure would cause spasmodic jerking out of Miles’ body. Sydney knew this and loved to get this reaction, this was her way of paying Miles back for his seduction of her body with his tongue.


Sydney canvassed down Miles with her mouth. Miles knew what was next but could never prepare hisself for the pleasure that was going to ensue. Delicately Sydney slid his penis into her mouth. The warmth of her mouth brought Miles to his knees in a sense. Miles was sinking within his own body, deeper and deeper in an abyss. Oh God, the pleasures Sydney cast about over his body. She knew this. Another gulf of pleasure arose over his body as Sydney continued to use her tongue and mouth to please him. She could sense in Miles’ tenseness that he was on the verge of exploding in her mouth. Not that she had a problem with thatbut tonight she wanted every bit of him inside of her. She wanted to have the life he could give exploding inside her body.


She mounted her body over his hips and straddled him until she could feel his penis sliding into her wet warm pussy. Cream was running down her legs. Miles started to slightly rub her clitoris with his finger and Sydney lost control as she swayed her hips rhythmically to his motion. Miles thrusting his hips upward to give Sydney maximum erotic sexual lascivious pleasure. He snapped hisself up into a sitting position and held Sydney tightly as she continued to grind on his body. He pulled her hips down tighter and tighter to his body; he was deep into her pussy. She felt all of him and Miles was big by anyone’s standards.


The sweat that produced from his chest pressed against her breast. She wrapped her hands around his neck as he frantically stoked the walls of her body’s innermost private parts. She repeatedly responded to his rhythm and his thrusts became even more powerful yet still gentle in a way. This cause more friction – pure unbridled sensation she felt from the tip of his penis had her on the verge of another orgasm. Suddenly Sydney could feel every muscle in Miles’ upper body tightening and knew what was about to happen. “Baby just a little bit longer I am about to come too.” Miles closed his eyes and tried to fight off the wave that was about to corral his entire body. Sydney let out a deep quiet wail and Miles knew he could let go. Seconds after Sydney climax she felt a burst of life that left Miles’ body and fulfilled hers. This burst brought another wave of fruition to her body. Miles eased back on his back and Sydney followed him down. She placed her face on Miles’ sweaty chest.


Her body felt like it had been released like a tightly stretched rubber band, when she climaxed. A sudden snap and there it was, a rush of insurmountable pleasure. Their ecstasy had been achieved but when had it not? It was always more than just a sexual feeling, it was pure energy – it was love. With both of their bodies gaining the needed fulfillment, they settle in their natural cuddling position and started to sleep. Miles wrapped his arms around the love of his life; she could feel the warmth and safety his big arms provided her. She was unbelievably crazy for this man. She garnished all his love and she unconditionally granted him hers.