At twenty-two years old, 6’3”, 237 pounds with an astonishing vertical leap of a blinding 42.6 inches, Miles graced the campus of University of Florida as if he was a god and in many ways he was just that. Considered the country’s best college football player, Miles knew from day one he would be in a class that many athletes could only dream of. Now four years later and for consecutive years Miles had grabbed all the prestigious college football awards. Miles already added to his vault a third Frederick Biletnikoff Award, this award was given each year to college’s best receiver. He also stacked back to back Heisman Trophies on his mantel. Miles had positioned himself very well for financial landfalls in the very near future. Miles treated college football for what it was. Being the best wide receiver was not just his goal but the means to all his future plans. Miles was about business. He knew as few others did at the age of twenty-one that with becoming the best college football player came the new gateway in life. His coaches knew from the moment they had seen footage of him in high school that he was special. However, being special in this aspect gained him no more special treatments than any other player on the team. For this everyone respected what Miles brought to the team - if the team had to run ten laps, then Miles ran ten laps regardless of the circumstances. Miles was to be treated no different from any other. Yet he was very different.